Oh, sigh…

Now that my grad school search is over, which I have been stressing and fretting and worrying and obsessing about for 11 months what the heck am I going to talk about?


Perhaps my cats? They have been sadly un-bragged about recently. Here they are, my two lovelies…

Still no luck on selling my house. Lots of people are telling me I should hold onto it, hire a property manager, and rent it out. Anyone have thoughts/opinions on that? It scares the poop out of me financially. All those "what if's"…

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8 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. Roar to the Lion Lady. I wrote this once and it deleted it. Damn. So the school looks really homey and welcoming. Honor, school spirit, those are important things I do believe. So congratulations on your school of choice.Yes Spring is here. We have had flood problems, but it is getting better.In regards to your house. This is a very tough decision and one a believe you really need to talk to several people about. There are financial and emotional thoughts to be considered. We all know the economy sucks big time right now. Just give it some time. Me personally would never rent to any one I didn't know really, really well. Go Penn State.

  2. Unless you can find someone that you trust to rent the house, you have to be prepared for the tenant to destroy it. My parents knew a few people that rented properties and I remember hearing some horror stories about holes punched in walls, flooded rooms, etc.

  3. Hi stevie's kitties! Those flowers are so pretty.You must be so exhausted after the grad school search – making the choice is itself pretty exhausting. Maybe wait a little bit before you make a major decision about the house…? I wish I could offer some advice.

  4. I wish I could help you on your house dilemma. I know Kev and I certainly wish we had sold the condo when we had the chance. Now it's just hanging over our heads. We've never made enough in rent to cover both the mortgage and the HOA dues, and that's renting it on our own. When we had placed it with a property manager they were going to get us less money and take a percentage as well. And now with the problems we're having with the leinholder… Don't even get me started!

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