Someone looked at my house this morning.

In an email from my Realtor:
"From today's showing……..
"The Showing went well; the home shows nicely. My folks are not quite ready to make a decision just yet. I will let you know if things change. Thanks!"

My response to him:
"Well, that sounds more promising than other showings. Should I be hopeful or stay realistic… Is that Realtor talk for "they're not really interested and I'm just being polite"?

His response back:
"Nope, not Realtor code. Sounds like a good prospect. I will be following up later in the week. "

My hopes are riiiiissssiiiinnnnggggggg……….
Please love my house!
Please dream about it tonight.
Please imagine your new deck furniture on the patio.
Please imagine sitting outside having coffee and watching deer.
Please think you can't live without it and must have it now.
Please oh please oh please love my house!

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11 thoughts on “OMG OMG OMG OMG

  1. I sort of never actually started seeing him. lol… I realized along the time I visited Penn State that I was living in the future – moving, going back to school, selling my house… – and getting into a dating relationship is very much in the here and now. My head wasn't in it so I just stepped out of the picture.

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