House Update


Hello and Happy Saturday – or Caturday – to my wonderful Vox peeps.

Rather than write the same thing to each of the responses in my OMG post, I thought I'd just write one update.

The good news – my house is still a maybe.
The bad news – I need to be patient.

I found out through a series of conversations with my Realtor that the people who looked at my house on Tuesday are an elderly couple from Pennsylvania who are looking for a retirement home in my area. They are deciding between buying a small house (like mine) or a larger house. Their Realtor thinks they are leaning towards a smaller house and they  really liked mine. Unfortunately, they have already gone back to PA for now. Their Realtor says they will come back down again at some point but will want to look at more houses before they make up their minds. So… it's still in the "good news"column but not a done deal by any stretch of the imagination.

This process has been very stressful and emotionally draining for me at times. For one thing, I've never sold a house

before so I don't know what to expect. It's all a lot of wondering and worrying for me. Add to that the current housing market and the worry escalates tenfold. Add to that that my paychecks will officially end at the end of June and the worry goes through the roof, out of the atmosphere, and is orbiting around Jupiter. Sigh…

Some time last week I resolved that I may have to dig into retirement to pay the mortgage for a little while. Once I came to that conclusion I felt a little better. Thank God I actually have retirement to dig into – a big perk in working for the State. Without it I could easily be joining the ranks of the foreclosed.

So, that's my update. I am actively putting energy into sending out LOVE vibes to the couple from PA and everyone else who looks at the house. I'm still keeping it spotlessly clean every day in anticipation of the hordes of potential lookie-loos. And it is getting re-stained on the outside next week to give the curb appeal a bit of a boost. I'll post before

& after pics so you can weigh in on the results.

And now I am going to go get caught up on everyone else's lives. I will have more time after next week to get back into regular blogs and comments.

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3 thoughts on “House Update

  1. Well, if your house was definitely in the running, especially after a trip out of state, I believe you're in a good position with this couple! Good luck and we'll keep the good vibes coming your way!

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