Paint your own Pottery

We got our mugs back and they turned out GREAT! We are both very happy with them and are talking about going again soon. If any of you are considering doing this, here are some things we learned that might help:

1) The stain color looks really light when you put it on but dries ten times darker in the kiln. So pale pale pink actually might be red after it's done (see the Phoenix).

2) The raw pottery feels really rough and scratchy. Think of the feeling you get when you scratch your nails on a chalkboard. That's kinda how it feels to touch the raw pottery.

3) Intricate designs look great but can be very time consuming and frustrating. Bring your steady hand and patience.

4) You layer the darker colors over lighter colors when painting, so it's better to have a design thought out before you go unless you will be going free-for-all (which is fun too).

5) Think a few steps ahead if you have to hold the pottery in order to paint it so you don't end up putting finger prints in the paint. We ran into this trying to paint the handles, interior and bottom of the mugs. Tricky…

Sigh… I can't figure out how to get rid of the giant space between the mugs. Dang formatting options. If I try to backspace or delete the spaces, it just deletes the photos. Ah well. Just pretend there is cheesy music playing during an intermission.

Before                                                                                              After

Cheesy music and Intermission. Talk amongst yourselves.

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9 thoughts on “Paint your own Pottery

  1. cool! i should do something like that, when I was taking my oil painting classes a couple years ago, it was just nice and relaxing (though sometimes frustrating too) to get out of the house and focus on ONE thing for a couple of hours.
    They turned out great!

  2. Nice! There's a place out here where you can paint your own pottery, but with the twins so young it would still be akin to the proverbial bull in a china shop. Sara, however, has gone there. Apparently you can host pottery painting b-day parties there.

  3. That's what we said too! We both have an artistic streak in us and felt so relaxed and zen when we left. It was better than meditation or yoga.

  4. You can do parties at the one here too. The day we went, the owner was kind of shell-shocked from a kindergarten field trip painting stuff for Mother's Day. Ha! I bet that was nerve-wracking!

  5. You almost want to feel sorry for them, but then you realize that they not only were asking for it, but advertising their willingness to host that insanity!

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