I’m singing in the Stain

After delay after delay after delay because of rain, the staining has FINALLY begun on my house. My little brown cabin will still be a little brown cabin, so it won't appeal to someone looking for a Cape Cod or Ranch house. But my oh my, it will look sooooooooooooooo much better.

Newly Stained Section

Cross View of Stained & Unstained Sections

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7 thoughts on “I’m singing in the Stain

  1. This is where you live??? It's so CUTE. And amazing what a little stain can do. Let me add "stain" to shrimp's and bacon's improvement factor.

  2. Awwww… Thanks. I love love love my little cabin in the woods. It's like being on vacation every single day. I am actually shocked at how much better it looks. The handyman kept telling me it would, but I'm a skeptic and don't truly "get it" until I've experienced it for myself. Well… I'm now a believer. Holy crap what a difference.

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