My wallet hurts…

Had a couple of those unexpected little life lemons recently.

The water heater went out in my house last week. I've been suspicious of it for a while because I ran out of hot water when showering and it's just me in the house. I even had the thermostats cranked waaaaayyyy up to try and make it last longer which worked a little, but I still ran out. That sucks when it's freezing outside. Brrrrrrrrr…

So, that little adventure cost $575 – $300 for the new tank and $275 in labor for the emergency plumbing services. We had to turn the water off to the whole house because the knob to shut it off just to the tank was frozen shut, so we had no water for a while. We were carrying buckets over from the neighbor's house to flush the toilets and bought out the whole supply of gallons of bottled water from the neighborhood convenience store. lol…

Tuesday night I got a flat tire – like all the way down flat. Grumble grumble… Of course I was an hour from home. Grumble grumble… One positive note – Fix-A-Flat is the BEST STUFF EVER. Go out right now and buy a can to keep in your trunk. It is a miracle product. A lifesaver. Absolutely amazing.

So took the car in to get that tire fixed and found out it couldn't be because there was too much wear. It was a 30,000 mile tire and I got 50,000 miles out of it so I'm not complaining. But my car is all-wheel drive and you have to replace all four tires at the same time or it messes up the computer that controls the all-wheel drive stuff. AND… while they were poking around in there they also noticed that my rear brakes were worn basically down and needed to be replaced too. Ha. Of course.

So $100 for one tire turned into $450 for tires and $150 brake pads leading to $620 with tax.


Me poor. Me no want pay lots of money. Me want save for future.

The silver lining is that I won't have to pay for these repairs when I am in school for the next three years making next to nothing. I'd rather pay for this kind of thing now then face it when I'm REALLY poor. And I do have to say I take pride in the quality of house that some lucky person is going to buy. It's a nice house with lots and lots of quality improvements. That makes me happy.

But… then I read my horoscope for today and realized everything is going to be ok. Read and marvel and how the world knows things in a spooky way sometimes:
Scorpio – Someone may have a good money-making plan but it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you. A change in plans will probably cost a little more but, in the end, you will be better off not scrimping. Ooooooooooo…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

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9 thoughts on “My wallet hurts…

  1. [this is painful] Yeah, when one of our water heaters went out (had two 40 gallon) I opted to redo the plumbing and tore the other one out and replaced them both with one 75 gallon tank. Cost more, but it needed to be done and I never run out of hot water, ever. Also, still running on tires that definitely need to be replaced, so that dark cloud is hanging over my head. Not to mention I need brakes too. Think 95,000 on original pads is good use of braking?

  2. Gosh, I'm sorry for your expenses. When it rains it pours and it's usually the big stuff that comes in waves. Ick! Thanks for the tip on the product for emergency flat tires!

  3. Sorry about the outflow of cash, but at least you were able to look at the silver lining. Your tires and brakes should be OK for quite a while now.

  4. Yeep! That's no fun. Well, the brake thing could have been worse…you could have found out at a very inopportune time. Expenses these days! At least they're all taken care of

  5. Sorry about the expenses, but at least now- you're great to go on tires and brakes for a long while!!!! Hope you have a really good weekend Stevie 🙂

  6. The fix a flat is a very cool thing to have in the car. My whole wheel fell off once in my Cavalier. Thank goodness the charming man in a pickup put the spare on for me. It was a very strange experience.

  7. Ouch! I just spent $1,500 fixing the air conditioning in my car (the whole car probably isn't worth that much), but it'll be nice to have this summer. Hopefully you won't have anything else major requiring repairs any time soon!

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