Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Instead of complaining about the heat, I thought I'd compile a list of funny heat-related jokes to help you laugh your way to being cool. Please add your own!

Question: Why did the stadium get so hot after the game?

Answer: Because the "fans" are gone.

It was sooooooo hot…

The robins are laying their eggs sunny side up.

All the water buffalo at the zoo evaporated.

The birds had to pick up worms with potholders.


What do you call a snowman in the summer?

Answer: A puddle

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12 thoughts on “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

  1. Wow, really? So crazy to realize how different the weather patterns are in different parts of the country. I'm hoping some of that is coming our way. Well, maybe not record lows, but I'd take 10-20 degrees cooler.

  2. Haha! I have two jokes for you:Two muffins were sitting in an oven. One says to the other, "Gosh, it's hot in here."The other says, "AAAHH! A talking muffin!"Two snowmen are standing in a field. One of them says, "Gee, I smell carrots, too!"

  3. OMG, I think I may have a new favorite joke… That muffin one made me spit out my drink! LOVE IT! And the snowman one – ha! Very good. Plus they are simple enough that I might actually be able to remember them. I'm really bad at that.

  4. The muffin one is one of my friend's favorite jokes. It's also even more funny when you work in a bakery and you tell it =)Simple jokes are definitely the best, but there are a few really good long ones

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