Wii Video

Alrighty… this is my first attempt posting a video. Wish me luck!

Ever played Wii? We played recently at a party. This is an angel game designed for parties – up to 12 people can play at once. I think it's called WarioWar – Smooth Moves. There are a few people in this video that make me laugh every time I watch it. Funny funny funny…

Essentially, each person is assigned an angel. The angels get called up randomly to complete "mini games" which last 5 seconds. The angel shows you how to hold the Wiimote at the beginning, then you have to do something like whack-a-mole, pick a nose, answer a phone, saw wood, or put out a fire. The Wiimote can tell (1) if you're holding the controller correctly, and (2) if you complete the task successfully.

In this video, Will (our resident expert) is telling each person what to do as it's their turn. Every other person is new to this game, I believe this was the 2nd  or 3rd go-round.

Watch. Enjoy. Laugh.


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16 thoughts on “Wii Video

  1. LOL!!!! You all looked so funny!!!! But, I bet you had a great time!!!! My daughter has one, and so do my niece and nephew, they play all the time!!!

  2. Okay, I watched a tiny bit of it, (dial up, got tired of waiting for it to download.) What I did see was pretty funny. Usually it takes alcohol to make adults act like that.:-)

  3. I know! There was a little bit of alcohol involved, it was a byob party so people brought wine (mostly) but not much. It's just a really fun group of people.

  4. Do you like video games? I've only played Wii a couple of times, but it is FUN. Nothing at all like sitting there with a controller. It takes your whole body to play most games. Even the simple ones.

  5. Oh, I am sooooooo tempted to get one. But I'm afraid I will play it for a few weeks then it will sit around collecting dust. I'd probably play it a lot if I had a roommate or significant other, but me myself and I would get bored quickly.

  6. It was fun. I host a party about once a year – Martha Stewart, I'm not – the planning and cleaning and preparation leave me totally exhausted. But this one was particularly fun because it was all games and ended by midnight. Double woot!

  7. Well, for one, it's a lot of work and he doesn't have that much time off. There's also the expense, and the fact that noone seem to be willing to reciprocate. Finally, it's a pain in the ass when you invite all these people, they say they're going to be there, you buy food and drink for them, and then they blow you off.

  8. Yeah. I really admire people who throw parties on minimal budgets because mine always seem to cost waaaayyyyy more than I expected. But seeing as I only do it once a year or so, it's worth it. My friends will also sometimes do a "bring your own meat" cookout party. That helps with the cost too.

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