These days I have a lot of static running constantly in my head. A generally gnarling buzzing squealing noise that sometimes ramps up and sometimes maintains a low rumble.

I am tired of this. I am tired of being stressed.

Last night the buzzing squealing got so loud I didn't think I would be able to sleep. I definitely had to work some distraction magic with the tv and the computer, but I actually did sleep and I am so relieved.

The buzzing squealing is, of course, money related so this morning I decided to take action and called a few moving companies to get quotes and made an appointment with a financial planner. I also found out I'm eligible for extra loans as a grad student and did the paperwork for an extra $5k so I will have a "just in case" nest egg.

Tonight I feel bunches better, like a big load is off my shoulders and out of my mind. Ahhhhhhhhh… The buzzing squealing is more like white noise, easily ignorable and actually a bit soothing.

Tonight I plan to get a good night's sleep.

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22 thoughts on “Static

  1. oh! I hope it continues to improve for you. if by chance it isn't just stress related I had my ears flushed at an ear nose & throat specialist when I had the same thing going on and it helped tons!

  2. I hope you get a good nights sleep!!!! I hope the strange static, noises go away!!!Glad you got the extra help, and it helped relieve some of your stress, stress does all sorts of weird things to us!!! If it doesn't go away, Metz may just have the right idea, seeing a nose, & throat specialist and having your ears flushed.Have a good day tomorrow Stevie 😉

  3. Excellent moves to end the squealing!! If you have a health food store nearby, pick up some Rescue Remedy, homeopathic remedy for all kinds of stress and mental squealing. It really does help.

  4. I'm sure once your house is sold, and you're happily entrenched in the learning process, the buzzing will go away. Send love and best wishes your way!

  5. Huh… So you actually WERE hearing a buzzing noise? Yowza. That would drive me batty. Mine is just stress. My brain yelling and screaming at me. Jabbering non-stop about all the what-if's. Today is a good day. Yay!

  6. I was thinking about the financial planner today and I think she's a big reason the noise is less. Talking to her was like talking to a good therapist – I felt my emotions suddenly bubbling up and releasing and then that really great sense of calm afterwards. She's magic!

  7. OMG OMG OMG… That is so weird! There is a hum in my office building! I actually DO hear a low frequency mechanical sounding hum when I'm in my office that my co-workers can't hear. I'm so glad you showed me this. They always think I'm crazy because I'm the only one who can hear it. I think it actually is a mechanical noise from the bowels of the building though, and not something weird like aliens or volcanoes.

  8. Rescue Remedy! YES! I totally forgot about it. I will be heading straight to the health food store tomorrow. That stuff is amazing. Got a friend's husband through open heart surgery.

  9. It is amazing. It seemed I always forgot about it until someone would mention it. But it's gotten me through these difficult months. I'll never be without a bottle now. btw, if you find Rescue Sleep–awwwesome sleep aid.

  10. Really? Well, you are my new BFF. I am a bad sleeper on a good day and it's been a lot worse lately. I'll get Rescue Sleep too. Fingers crossed…

  11. Funny you should ask… there were two Realtor cards on the counter when I got home tonight. Not sure though if they were bring clients through or just touring on their own. I talked to them last week about being my property managers in case I decide to try and rent it out. I emailed my Realtor to see if he knows anything… Fingers crossed…

  12. Two, thats' a good sign! Hopefully #2 saw #1's card and will spur his clients to hurry up and make an offer! We're crossing our fingers for you too. 🙂

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