Body Image, Parties, and Clothes…

Today was a very good day. Love love love.

It was the day of my good-bye party at JMU. More about that in a later post once I have photos and videos. Oh my. My colleagues really outdid themselves. But, you will just have to wait. Suffice it to say it was wonderful and I feel very loved.

Last night I tried on every single thing in my closet three times trying to figure out what to wear. It was an important day and I wanted to feel comfortable and confident.

Trouble is, I'm at a very weird place in my weight loss. Most of my summer clothes are skinny clothes and I'm not quite there yet so they look a little too tight, a little too short, a little too many poochy body parts. But my fat summer clothes are too big and they make me look frumpy and dumpy. So, with all the things in my closet, nothing felt *just right*. And I also realized that I really don't have much that is summery and professional. Most of my stuff is very casual.

So I ran to JC Penney at lunch today to try and find something to wear and what did I walk in on…?

A 50-60% off sale!


I got quite a few new things that I think will be a good middle ground body size and grow and shrink with me. Plus they are cute and bright and happy. Yay! And light and airy and flow-y.

Best thing… the whole bunch only cost $150. Yippee! I love deals. Most things were only $10-15. This is a nice little happy spot in a bit of a stressful patch.

Enjoy! You can borrow them anytime. Just come on over.

The first four are this scrunchy stretchy wrinkly material that is the most flattering fabric I've worn in a long time.

The second four are loose and airy and flowy and super soft.

Then two pairs of capris that fit like they were made just for me and a pair of jeans shorts, both are staples in my wardrobe.

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21 thoughts on “Body Image, Parties, and Clothes…

  1. Yeah, man! I feel much better in general. It's amazing how much clothing can affect my sense of wellbeing. I am NOT a clothes horse or really into fashion at all, but I do like to be comfortable and feel good about myself. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too frumpy does not make me feel good.

  2. Tell me about it! Yeeha! I love a good sale. I've gotten into shopping at Goodwill recently, but they didn't have much for summer. Bummer. hee.

  3. I know! Squeeeeeee! I will have to be brave when I wear it. I don't usually like to attract attention to myself with my clothing and I know that top in particular will get comments. It'll be a good self esteem booster!

  4. Weeelllll… there is a JMU alumni group in State College… But no, not very often. I'm sure I'll still come back for a football game or Homecoming or special event for a friend. Wah! I will miss JMU.

  5. Well, that was my first thought… Ha! But then I thought it might be a school or something. Which one did you get that was so fabulous? Is there a picture online?

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