Instantly Plugs You Into Your Community

There is a really cool new social networking site that is launching from right here in my area – squee! We actually DO have more than cows! We have cows and computer geeks! Ha ha.

Anyway, it's really cool. It uses Google maps as the connecting tool. Have I mentioned that I have a crush on Google? I do. Is that weird?

Here's more info and a screenshot of what it will look like. It is launching on July 1 but you can pre-register now if you're interested.

Do you know your next door neighbor? Chances are you don’t, and it’s often not until a time of tragedy that we come together to overcome something terrible. Ronnie Rodes says, “One of the main causes for not knowing our neighbors is the invention of the garage door opener. We drive off to work and then come home without ever having to get out of the car so we never see or get to know who’s around us.”

July 1st was the launch date for what Ronnie claims to be the world’s most advanced social networking system, Throughout the world millions of people are enrolled into social networking sites and most of them enrolled while still in their teens. The only thing that will have in common with these other sites is that it too will be free, paid for by advertisers who want to target their products to a specific type of audience. is a ground-breaking approach to meeting your neighbors on line that is now available throughout the United States and Canada. By utilizing a one-of-a-kind mapping feature, the user is able to quickly identify how close or how far they are to someone who they share something of common with. Here are just a few of the ways could help neighbors connect and find a…

  • jogging partner who is male, 35-45, and has children
  • person who works near where you work to carpool with
  • other first-time parents or special needs parents to bond with
  • babysitter, handyman, housekeeper, mechanic or yardman nearby
  • zealous sports fan to discuss your favorite teams
  • Girl Scout cookie salesperson or Avon representative
  • local business owner to do business with that’s nearby
  • small group from your church or a support group that is convenient
  • competitor who enjoys playing the same board game or sport that you do
  • missing pet or child through the special alerts that go out to each neighbor online

The possibilities are limitless, and in addition there will be community discussion boards, photo galleries, blogs, emailing and more.”The website is secure and will truly change many lives by encouraging us to know our neighbors”, says Rodes. The mission of is to encourage every neighbor to seek out new friendships within their community in an effort to help protect one another, thus improving the quality of life for all.


Founded in 2001 (before there was MySpace and Facebook), is an idea that founder Ronnie Rodes had while searching for other joggers and first-time parents within his new neighborhood of six months. That same year, Ronnie and his wife had their first child and being concerned for their son’s future, Ronnie included a way to use this website to help protect children within their own neighborhood following the example of the Amber Alert program.”In 2002, I did a door-to-door survey in my neighborhood and found that 99% of the people I interviewed would utilize such a web site if it were available. The only problem was that the technology to drive wasn’t available until many years later, and social networking sites weren’t so common at the time”, says Rodes.

With the help of his cousin and co-founder, Mike Rodes, the company was introduced to Extreme Exposure Media, a web site design company in Harrisonburg, Virginia, In August of 2007, they were hired to develop this most unique web site, and this energetic team of designers accepted the challenge to build the very best social networking site on the internet. With the aid of new mapping technology, is now able to utilize this key feature to show the location of the closest neighbors and/or groups that share areas of common interest. was incorporated in 2002, and there is an ongoing campaign to add additional features to the web site on a monthly basis as the user base grows into millions. For additional information, visit the web site at or call 281-615-8000.

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