A Way to Help the Midwest Flood Victims

There is an artist named Brian Andreas. He does colorful, rough, kind of childlike posters and sculptures that always look at life a wee bit differently than the rest of us.

Well, Brian to he rescue! He created a poster (18"x24") to benefit the Hurricane Katrina victims and is re-releasing it to support the midwest flood victims. It is $20 and $19 goes directly to the people. Take a look, if you like what you see it's a way to help.

It says:

the water washed away everything
but the chance to begin again

so we came from cities & towns,
from long golden fields
& we stood side by side
until we made a bridge to dry land,

back to a place
we have promised to hold safe
for each other's children,

back to a place
called America

To order:

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