Mini Family Reunion

My brother and his family (his wife is Vox-er Jean) came east for vacation in July. I got to go see them for an afternoon in a park.

My nephew, Frank, showing one of his many talents. He also plays piano, trumpet, and is taking up trombone.

My neice, Sarah. Jean blogged about her pretty purple hair last month. This is what it looked like after too much exposure to the sun and chlorine. I love it like this!

Nephew #2, Logan. We look like twins in our matching JMU windbreakers. It was raining like crazy which is why we also look like drowned rats.

The twins, Langdon & Trevor. This is one of the very few moments they were both stationary and together long enough to get a picture.

My brother & Jean…

We celebrated my brother's birthday while we were all together. TODAY is his actual birthday. Happy birthday, Kev! Frank made the origami flowers on the cake.

The highlight of the day was the recycled tire playground. It was awesome! So many fun things…

A giant fish piano…

Lots of swings and things to climb on…

But the best part was a zip line. Everyone rode it, even the babies. It was a hoot.

My niece, Marin.

Even though it looks like my brother is doing a lot of helping, it was just the timing of the photo. The twins both rode it all by themselves a bunch of times.

Finally, two videos for your viewing pleasure. The first is called "Frank Goes Flying". Things got a bit rambunctious on the tire swing. Please notice my teeny tiny niece and nephew down in the center of the tires. Also please notice my much bigger and stronger older niece and nephew on the corners of the swing. Please notice the violence with which Frank goes flying. Oh yes, people got hurt, we just didn't get those on tape…

And last, my personal favorite. We managed to convince my mom to try the zip line. Hee hee. Sorry, mom. You know I love you!

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5 thoughts on “Mini Family Reunion

  1. Hey Stevie! Looks like you all had a really great time!!! I like the birthday cake with the origami flowers, that's cool!!! Thanks for sharing these great photos !!!

  2. Ummm, actually, all three play piano, Frank plays trumpet and baritone and Logan is taking up the trombone… 🙂 Great pics. I'm going to have to download them!

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