It’s Vacation, Dammit!

Welp, I've been in State College for just about two weeks now and it has flown by. I feel pretty settled, all-in-all. Everything's unpacked and I finally got things up on the walls and knick knacks placed. That makes it feel like home. I'll take pictures of the interior soon. Need to mow the grass but have no lawnmower… hmmmm…

My theme these days has been to remind myself over and over that I'm supposed to be on vacation. VACATION, dammit. I'm so programmed to the run run run lifestyle that it's hard to stop and sit still. I have been better the past few days. Giving myself permission to just rest, watch the Olympics, go for long walks, etc. I have one more week of this before things gear up for the semester.

Honestly, I wish I had two weeks. There have been so many things I felt pressured to do since I moved in that I actually got sick I was pushing so much. Now that I'm finished with the major stuff I can get started on resting and relaxing. As Tracy Hakala said, it would be nice if I got to the point that I was bored. Then I will know I'm ready to get back to work.

I've been walking a lot, which I'm happy about. I do have the best of intentions to walk to campus as often as possible. I've walked the route several times and it's pretty easy, but once classes get rolling and I have to think about walking home after dark and changes in the weather I might be singing a different song. Plan B is the bus, there is a stop right outside my house. I have heard that (1) annual bus passes are upwards of $500 and/or (2) students can get passes for free. Hmmm… There's a big difference between $500 and free. Plus it takes a lot longer to ride the bus, so I'll have to factor all that in.

Yesterday and today I walked 4+ miles. My feet protesteth mightily but it feels good. I am really hoping to walk myself back into my skinny clothes. I also started stretching again… Oh my… I used to be super stretchy and limber like a rubber band. Now I bend like a steel pole. I'm working on it. Once I get my bike tuned up I can also ride to campus.

I've been doing quite a bit with my assistantship so far. It's been very daunting, exciting, thought-provoking, and fun. I went to a mini conference last week with a expert on distance learning from the SUNY system. She showed us a whole bunch of really cool technology tools (jing!). There was a session on SecondLife, Penn State has an AWESOME campus. They have really put effort into it and have a very well thought out plan for how to utilize it in a bunch of capacities. I'll blog about my assistantship soon but I need to kind of digest and let things settle for a bit.

Other than that, LOVING this amazing cool August weather. Love love love love. I had to break into my house tonight after I locked myself out. Umm hmmm… Climbing in the kitchen window. Ha ha. And I have found two amazing neighborhood parks that remind me of the Secret Garden. Like my own personal paradise. I'll take pictures and/or videos but I doubt it will do it justice. They are just so quiet and lush and green and hidden away. Sigh… That will be my happy place when I need to unwind.

Dunkin & Isabel are fine. Sleeping and looking out the windows. I put up three of those lambswool window perches and they could not be happier. Sometimes they are in one together, so cute!

Life is good. I am happy.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Vacation, Dammit!

  1. I'm glad things are going so well for ya! I had to laugh about you locking yourself out and having to break in your kitchen window. I did the same thing last week. Last Friday, actually! lol! Have fun with the transportation. I take the bus and my monthly pass is $60 :p (that's just for the local..regional and express are more expensive)

  2. No way! One of my other neighbors blogged about several people within his family/friends also locking themselves out of the house or car at the end of last week. Weird… Maybe the starts were out of line or something.Still haven't looked into the bus pass thing. Sigh… But your post made me think that it might be cheaper if I buy my pass month by month instead of for the whole year. I don't think I will need/want it all 12 months, maybe only during bad weather. Or if I'm lugging home a mountain of library books… Or if it is too late/dark to walk… Hmmm…maybe I do need the 12 month one. lol. Food for thought.

  3. How funny! We were all on the same wavelength.It could really depend on how much you use your pass, so I guess if you figure that out, you can go from there. Darn bus passes! Apparently a pass for a year at CU is $100. Not bad at all for them

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