Tasty Treats at the Olympics


13 thoughts on “Tasty Treats at the Olympics

  1. According to my Papa Miao, they're acrid and insecty and just plain noxious. We tried to grow a couple as pets (they sell them live on the streets), but sadly the little silkworms weren't long for this world.

  2. I'm with you on the oysters & calamari, not so much on the iguana tail. Though maybe iguana tail is the equivalent to lobster tail – it's where all the meat is. Hmmm…

  3. I was going to ask little miao the same thing. At what point does someone say to themselves "I don;t feel like something sweet or salty to snack on, what about something insecty that will turn my stomach?"

  4. I don't think type of Beijing cuisine will be featured on the Food Network anytime soon. The definition of food in China must be anything you can put a stick through. It makes me wonder what they feed their prisoners. Yuck!

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