Mass Comm Orientation

So, I've been officially inducted into the brotherhood of communicators. For those of you out there who think I already communicate too much – watch out! Because now I will be trained to communicate in an amazing array of new and different ways. Muh wah ha ha haaaaaaaa…

Yesterday I met my new classmates who are amazing. They are also my new friends on Facebook (waves hi to them in case they found my blog feed). Here are snippets from their bios. Tell me they aren't incredible? And tell me again how lucky I am to be included in this group.

… KA – JD degree, practicing lawyer
…JC – Master's in Media Studies, studying media law and policy
…MD – 8 years as faculty, studyin communication issues surrounding terrorism
…RDT – Master's in Geography, researching human agency/bodily representations in professional wrestling
…KH – Master's in Mass Comm, researching convergence in newsrooms
…BH – JD, law faculty at Penn State
…HJ – Atmospheric Science degree, 10 years as journalist in China
…GSK – Master's in Mechanical Engineering, studying movie media cognition and spectator emotions
…RL – Master's in Media Studies, professional experience in post-production for Smallville & The O.C.
…NMC – Master's in Marketing & Int Business, 7 years experience in public relations
…AN – Master's in Political Science, studying politice & cultural communication focused on the environment
…SS – Master's in Journalism, 40 awards for her work, tenure track faculty at another university

Oooooooo…. Ahhhhhh…. Seriously amazing. I am excited to get to know them and get started on this great adventure. There is also a group of 9 students entering the Master's program that we will be taking classes with at times. They are also fabulous.

Things I learned during orientation:

1) I already have a reading assignment. Yep. Before school even starts.
2) Penn State's health insurance plan for graduate assistants covers dental & vision in addition to the usual medical stuff. Woohoo!
3) It is sometimes hard to tell the faculty from the students. There are some very young looking faculty whom I hopefully did not offend too much by asking them what year they were in the program. lol… Oops!
4) It is possible to get from my house to the Comm Building within 30 minutes if you, ohhhhhh, say, set your alarm clock wrong and get up 45 minutes before orientation begins on your first official day in a new program where you are hoping to make a good first impression. Just hypothetically speaking, of course.
5) The class I have been freaking out about for the past few months IS going to be hard but actually also looks like fun. Go figure.

That's it in a nutshell. My new obsession is Second Life. If you also live there, friend my avatar – Stevie Magician.

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