A Day in the Second Life

Hello. My name is Stevie and I am a Second-Life-A-Holic.

Sad, but true.

For those of you who haven't joined yet, you don't know what you're missing. I set out today to do "work" and investigate the educational uses of Second Life (SL). For example, I have an art professor friend who has her students learn about museum design in SL. You can build buildings and utilize architectural and design elements to improve the space. Her students can mess with display arrangements and lighting.

True, it's not in real life (RL) but it is a laboratory of sorts to practice in before trying things in RL. Word has it Marriott "built" a new hotel design in SL to get consumer feedback on furniture, paint colors, decorations, etc before building it for real. I have also read that architecture students practice their skills in SL before attempting things in RL. I'm not sure I get that one because SL environmental elements, building materials, etc are not (I would think) going to behave they way they would in the real world, but because people do it I'm willing to assume there is value.

My art professor friend is also teaching art history by building an art museum and having her students research the items, write up reports, and publish them in SL. It's the same assignment they would be doing looking at items in books or on slides in class, but in SL their work (the research reports) become an educational function for anyone who wanders into their online museum. Since it's open to the public, anyone can wander in and learn about art. You can see how this can be beneficial.

So today I started out wandering around a NASA site and learning about rockets, which led to the Elon University site, which led to the University of Denver site, which led to this really cool museum called the SPLO museum. That is what I'd like to take you on a tour of.

No idea what SPLO stands for but I believe it is a laboratory for exploring, playing with, and educating about physics and chemistry because there were many exhibits that explained the orbit of planets, bernoulie's principle, gravity, etc. But I would rather show you the fun stuff. Here we go…

SPLO guarded by mimes. I don't understand either.

Just to show there really are serious exhibits, here's me in front of the periodic table of elements… yawn…

More to my liking, hot tubbing!

This was a life sized version of one of those eye-popping martians you squeeze when you're stressed…

Eyes in…

Eyes out… You pushed its belly like the Pilsbury Doughboy to make them pop. Hee hee.

I thought this was funny. In protest of the recent decision for Pluto to no longer be classified as a planet, I assume. (Note the sign on the wall.)

One fun thing about SL is you can sit on all kinds of things. For example, here's me sitting the pedal of a moving sculpture of a spinning bicycle wheel. Too bad it's not a video – I turned upside down at the top!

Or a giant paperclip…

Even animals or otherwise unikely objects are fair game as this very patient seagull found out.

You also have to understand that what you see is often not all there is. If you're willing to poke around, get nosy, and go exploring you can often find all kinds of enexpected hidden treasures. Like this sea monster, for example. Scary beast.

Scary-looking, maybe, but really just a sweet little pssycat when it comes right down to it. See… You can walk right in and have a look around. Note the umbrella drink and piece of candy on the floor of his mouth…

Sometimes, however, exploring does not work. Here's what happened when I tried to walk into a cave… That's my head sticking out of the wall.


Friend me if you're in SL too. I'm Stevie Martian.

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5 thoughts on “A Day in the Second Life

  1. Well, sadly… SL does not allow facial expressions though I don't know why… that's a really great idea/suggestion… i think i will email the SL programmers. they could use the smiley shortcuts to control the avatars faces…ctrl 1 = happy :)ctrl 2 = sad :(ctrl 5 = shocked/surprised =-Octrl 7 = angry >=OAnd, sadly, I go not have a swimsuit in my inventory because I am in SL for "work" purposes and that would not be very professional. lol… But there are all kinds of slinky, sexy, sleazy, and every other "s" desciptor of clothing in SL. It was actually *hard* to find things that could be considered Work clothes. 🙂

  2. Well, if you value your time, DON'T DO IT!!! lol… Seriously. It's like WoW or one of those other immersion games. You start playing, look up, and it's five hours later. 🙂

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