My Assistantship

Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to organize my notes from the past several weeks for my assistantship. You may wish to postpone reading this if you are at work because bosses generally frown upon their employees sleeping at work. However, if you need a cure for insomnia this should work like a charm!

Project Brain Dump

Community of Practice – Faculty Development Site

  1. Software/platform – Movabletype?

  2. COTS already there – create one for Fac Dev & invite people to contribute

  3. “Just do it” – get something up by November (end of next OL 2000

  4. Politics – win/win with guy championing Movabletype

  5. Get survey results from Carol

  6. Ideas

  • Personal connections

  • Ask the Expert – Faculty in Residence

  • Examples of class docs

  • Best Practices

  • Live course to learn in (OL 2000)

  • Links to exemplar courses (FERPA issues

  • Ability to lurk in an active class, watch it unfold

  • Leave content as static for future reference

  • Discipline specific courses/examples

  • FAQ’s

  • Scenarios

  • Case studies

  • Calendar of events

  • Tip of the day/week/month

    Collaboration with Alex on Faculty survey

    Create Event/Gathering of experts and novices to connect

    Personalized Learning Plan for online faculty

    Faculty Development Effectiveness

  • Student satisfaction
  • Faculty satisfaction

  • Enrollment #’s
  • Returning faculty
  • Amount of faculty engagement
  •  How prepared/comfortable faculty feel
  •  Faculty survey/eval at end of course
  •  Evidence of “teaching presence”
  •  OL 2000 Survey 1 year later – still using? Hindsight? Effective?

Tutor/Mentor training for new faculty

OL 3000 for faculty who have taught 1-3 times

OL 1000 – authoring – come out with prepared syllabus to help in developing the course

Faculty Development Programs

  •  Expand and increase
  •  Emphasis in online teaching/learning, faculty competencies

Faculty Management Database

  •  Method of tracking online faculty
  •  Convenient, easily manipulated
  •  Who/discipline/where in process
  •  Know who to target for different sessions
  •  Manipulate/sort/identify human resources for dev topics
  •  Sue Repine

Targeting barriers to online teaching

  •   Takes too much time – how much is too much
  • 10-15% ok
  • More than 15% not ok

  Strategies for managing online workload (SMOW)

 Competencies for online teaching (COTS)

 Quality Assurance

Technologies to Investigate



Penn State Online

LAMS learning activity tool (tools from there? Case studies? Applications?)






Concepts to Investigate

Community of Practice

Community of Interest

Community of Inquiry

Quality Matters/Assurance

Carol’s survey/Educause article

Pedagogy, angygogy, hudagogy

Michael Wesch YouTube videos

  •   Vision of Sts Today
  •  Machine is Using Us
  •  A Portal to Media Literacy

PSU goal 20,000 –> 50,000

  •  How scale services
  •  Find new program for course development
  •  Faculty develop own courses
  •  Heavily templated/tools/resources

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