Bad American

I am a bad American. I watched COUNTLESS hours of the Olympics and not one single minute of the Democratic Convention. And I'm not going to watch the Republican one either.

That is all.

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4 thoughts on “Bad American

  1. Hahah! I am the opposite, I watched the democratic convention, sort of, and almost none of the olympics. I plan to watch the republican one when the Palin VP nominee speaks and when Mccain speaks

  2. Oh gosh – then I am the worst of the worst! I stayed up past my bedtime almost every night watching Olympics – and now I am complaining bitterly that all these boring politics are ruining TV for me! LOLI'll still vote in November – that has to count for something. 🙂

  3. Then I'm a bad American right along with you. Maybe if the nominees were going to be a surprise I might watch the conventions but usually I just stick to "The Daily Show" coverage of them. And honestly? The Olympics are just much more fun to watch.

  4. Hehe! I'm definitely in the same boat as you. I know, I went to the place where all the action was, but didn't really participate in anything0:)I'll vote when November rolls around and the rejoice the day after the election just because the election will be over. I've had enough!

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