Plane Crash Dream Interpretation

Last night I dreamed I was in a plane crash.

Don't worry, it was not scary at all. I only remember a little bit of it, but I was traveling with and sitting next to a friend with whom I was talking and laughing.

Right up till the last few seconds we were having fun and no one on the plane (as far as I could tell) even knew there was a problem until the back end of the plane fell off mid-air. Even then, in the dream, my friend and I saw it happen out the window and said something to the effect of "ha ha, those poor bastards". Not very nice, I know, but it shows how much fun we were having.

Then our part of the plane went straight down into a city. We were heading into the swimming pool outside of a hotel or apartment building but I woke up before we landed. Again, it was not scary at all. I remember thinking "wow, great idea trying to land in a pool" and wanted to stay asleep to see if it worked.The last thing I did in the dream was text my mom to say "plane crashing, love you, take care of Dunk and Izzy". lol… Gotta take care of the kids… errr… I man cats.

So, what does a plane crashing mean? Heeeeeeeeere's Google:

1) If you dream of an airplane crash this may symbolize an overactive mind, one that needs a rest from thinking. It may also symbolize a need to get out of your head and bring your ideas down to earth.
Ummmmmmm…. yeah……duh! Hello PhD program.
2) An airplane crash may also symbolize spending a lot of time worrying and fretting about things over which you have no control.
This one is especially interesting because I was fretting last night that I might have inadvertently made one of my new classmates uncomfortable. *I* was goofing around, playing around, trying to be funny. But I think he took me seriously and I might have hurt his feelings a bit. Which is sad because I really like him which is why I was joking around with him. But, when you're first getting to know people, you don't know how they will react to humor or to different situations. Lesson learned. I'll try to mend fences in a very un-scary, un-hurtful, un-offensive way.

3) They may represent a necessary change, usually in your thinking that allows you to enter another 'plane' of existence–the current 'plane' must crash to allow new freedom of existence.
ALSO could be true! I was thinking as I was walking home last night about whether or not I am really ready to make this one particular gigantic change in my life which is long overdue. Then a friend called and she asked me that EXACT question. How crazy is that? Jury's still out, but I hope I'm ready.

4) Your dream may simply be telling you that you have the ability to accomplish more than you ever thought humanly possible but the fear of taking flight and going into a place you've never been is overwhelming you. If this is the case, I encourage you to step on the plane, get in that seat, and prepare for the adventure ahead…even if you need a friend to help you do it!

Ok, yeah… This is right on. Hello PhD program. Hello moving to a new state and new city where I don't know anyone. Hello starting in a brand new discipline/field. But look! I had my friend along! So I'm going to be ok.

And, citing my sources in proper PhD fashion, these interpretations are from an article on a website called "Bella Online" which you can visit here.

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3 thoughts on “Plane Crash Dream Interpretation

  1. Dreams I've had this week…1) Wookie turned into a bear cub overnight.2) I went to the Dr. for a regular physical and they told me that nothing in my body was working like a normal human works, but they had no idea why. Then they stuck me with lots of needles.3) I started taking riding lessons again, but when I went out for my first lesson, the entire farm was engulfed in flamesAny analysis?

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