Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

I don't care whether you love her or hate her, this is just wrong.

Hackers break into Sarah Palin's e-mail account

By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press Writer 59 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – Hackers broke into the Yahoo! e-mail account that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin used for official business as Alaska's governor, revealing as evidence a few inconsequential personal messages she has received since John McCain selected her as his running mate.

"This is a shocking invasion of the governor's privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them," the McCain campaign said in a statement.

The Secret Service contacted The Associated Press on Wednesday and asked for copies of the leaked e-mails, which circulated widely on the Internet. The AP did not comply.

The disclosure Wednesday raises new questions about the propriety of the Palin administration's use of nongovernment e-mail accounts to conduct state business. The practice was revealed months ago — prior to Palin's selection as a vice presidential candidate — after political critics obtained internal e-mails documenting the practice by some aides.

One person whose e-mail to Palin apparently was among those disclosed, Amy B. McCorkell, declined to discuss her correspondence. "I do not know anything about it," McCorkell said. "I'm not giving you any comment." Wired.com said McCorkell later confirmed that she did send the e-mail to Palin.

Another of the e-mails apparently revealed Wednesday was an exchange in July with Alaska Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell discussing a talk show host who had been critical of Parnell. Parnell declined to discuss the matter.

Palin herself used "gov.sarah" in one of her e-mail addresses, but the hackers targeted her "gov.palin" account. Her husband used "fek9wnr" in his address. "Fe" is the representation for iron, and "k9" is an abbreviation for canine. Todd Palin was the winner of the grueling Iron Dog snowmobile race, and "fek9wnr" also is Todd Palin's vehicle license tag in Alaska.

It wasn't immediately clear how hackers broke into Palin's Yahoo! account, but it would have been possible to trick the service into revealing her password knowing personal details about Palin that include her birthdate and ZIP code. A hacker also might have sent a forged e-mail to her account tricking her into revealing her own password.

McCorkell was appointed by Palin to an advisory board on issues involving alcohol and drug abuse. One of the leaked e-mails suggested McCorkell wrote to Palin on Sunday to say she was praying for Palin. "Don't let the negative press get you down!" the message said.

(This version CORRECTS Corrects in 7th graf that hackers targeted 'gov.palin' account sted 'gov.sarah' account.)

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18 thoughts on “Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

  1. lol… good point. It is a bit of a salacious write-up, isn't it? Personally, I am not a Palin fan but this kind of stuff just pisses me off. It does not pass my golden rule – rule of thumb. Not even close. Grrrrr…

  2. Sadly, it was bound to happen. Palin uses personal email accounts to conduct GOVERNMENT BUSINESS and encourages her subordinates to do the same? Why? To avoid subpoenas, as if she uses her personal email they can't just demand access, whereas if she was using the government email servers it would be much easier for Justice/investigators/etc to gain access.

  3. P.S: Sarah dear, your advisors (or your teenagers) should have told you by now that if you have to communicate in writing but need to make sure there's no lasting record, use a SMS (text) message. Most carriers hold your message in their servers for a few hours MAX, which means the only record of the message is in your phone's and the recipient's. If you trust the recipient and both of you regularly flush your phone message caches, nobody outside of the NSA will ever ever know what you said.

  4. I don't really feel on way or another about her, but I think that the political attacks on her personal life have gone way beyond anything I've ever seen in politics before. She must be so exhausted at the end of each day. I'll never understand the draw people have for a career in politics – it would be the epitome of job misery for me! I think I'd rather work with raw sewage than be a politician! LOL

  5. Let me get this straight…if someone hacks your email without authority then your responsibility becomes deniable? Or, if a hacker gets your mail, then the court has to throw it out because the information was obtained without legal process? So to forestall any inquiry on what Mrs. Palin might be doing or has been doing…her e-mail has been mysteriously hacked. Hmmmm…this smells like politics…

  6. If I suspect you of some kind of impropriety or just want to be nosey, do I have the right to hack into your e-mails? What about listening to your telephone messages when your not home? Or how about stealing letters from your mail box? You would be livid if the Repugs did that with Biden.

  7. I suspect many people of many things, but I would never hack into thier email to prove it. That would be a reflection on my values, not theirs, wouldn't you say? 🙂

  8. Absolutely. Your profile pic is just so dang cute by the way.
    I helped raise my niece (my sister was in the Air Force) and that was enough child rearing for me for the rest of my life, make that several lifetimes. ; )

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