JMU visits PSU

My friends came up last weekend… yay! Here are some highlights:

… visiting every landmark and photo opp at Penn State
… arriving just as 107,000 people exited the football stadium. That is a LOT of people in case you were wondering.
… really good Indian food, really good pizza, and really bad bar food (and service)
… driving around on Saturday night yelling the "We are… Penn State" cheer out the car windows.
… watching the JMU football team whoop #1 App State's booty on TV. We are now #1. Yesssssssss!
… ice cream run at 10 pm
… probably lots of other stuff I'm forgetting.

Enjoy this photo tour of the weekend…

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6 thoughts on “JMU visits PSU

  1. Great photos !! Looks like lots of fun.
    BTW….thanks so much for introducing your friend, Christine !! Her blog is so interesting…and OMGosh…her photos on Flickr are incredible. How do you know her ??

  2. She's actually a real life friend from where I used to live and she is an incredible photographer, isn't she? She has been writing a blog on Flickr for a long time which I read, but I was so excited to see her pop up on Vox too. She has quite an eye and is a great storyteller.

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