Not so much blobbage…

I haven't been writing much because I've been exhausted lately and I don't really have anything to talk about except about school. My gut tells me no one really wants to know about what I'm reading or the latest paper I've written. And for the last two weeks that's literally all I have had going on, so no blobbage.

I will tell you that I took my first midterm in eleven years last Wednesday and I studied for it for 35 hours in one week. Thirty-freaking-five hours. Yes, I added it up. Wednesday I may know how I did. If they get graded in time. The professor says the class average is usually in the 60's… grrreeeeaaaattttt… but he curves like crazy.

The stress in the weeks leading up to the mid-term then the stress of trying to prepare for it have left me squarely in the insomnia category which SUCKS. I have always been a terrible sleeper. The tiniest noises or amounts of light or too hot/cold temperatures have woken me up for years. But I've always been able to find a way to keep it under control – sleeping masks, living in very quiet locations, etc… But now I've moved out of the problem sleeper and squarely into the insomniac category. Grumble grumble. I'm finally going to give in and get a prescription sleep medication. Hopefully I'll be sleeping again soon because I feel tired and achey and cranky and just plain old crappy when I don't sleep.

So enough blobbity blah blah about school. Here are a couple of cool things:

I work in the same building as the public tv station. Every once in a while they do live shows in the lobby. It's pretty cool. Here are some photos from the last one…

Saw this crazy load of babies on the sidewalk. At first I thought they were all hers, but no, she works at a day care. Whew!

And I got the WORST haircut ever in the history of bad haircuts last week. It's so bad I don't even know what to do with it. It looks bad down. It looks bad up. It looks bad straight-ish. It looks bad curly. Sheesh. Just awful. And the lovely thing – I can't afford to go get it fixed somewhere. Yay for being a student. Here are all my curls after they got whacked off my head. Sniff sniff…

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18 thoughts on “Not so much blobbage…

  1. So sorry to hear about all the stress and sleeplessness….and the bad haircut too !! You should def go back to where you got it cut and have the stylist fix it. He/she should do it for free. Be brave… deserve for it to look good !!

  2. *hug* Sounds like the Mondays have been chasing after you too much! If you can't afford to get your hair fixed right now, I think you could find a way to style your hair for awhile until it grows out or you can afford a cut. Do you think Sleepytime tea would help you get to sleep easier?

  3. You know, any reputable hair salon will fix it for free. I had to do that with Frank a couple years ago. He literally came home with a mullet. Sorry to hear how tough it's been at school. Just keep focused on your goal and soon you'll be there. 🙂

  4. You studied 35 hours in a week!? That's like a full-time job. I hope you blow the curve out of the water.I'm so sorry to hear you're having all those sleep problems. I'm a poor sleeper, too. The temperature has to be right, the sheets have to be right, the mattress has to be right, it has to be pitch black and silent (even the moon and white noise keep me up). I can usually make do with a Unisom, but I hear great things about Ambien.And then you top off all the insomnia and studying with a bad haircut. 😦 Booo!

  5. Wow….So sorry about the sleeping problems, and the bad hair cut. You should make the stylist stand good and fix your hair right, any good salon will do it over for free. I hope you make a terrific grade…after all that studying.I am a light sleeper and have always had trouble sleeping too, it has to be silent and dark or I can't sleep. I read the comment from someone above about trying Ambien- Be careful if you do- my doctor tried me on it for a while, and I began sleep walking every night- my husband would have to wake me up, because I was walking around the house talking and acting bizaar. I stopped taking it.Take care and hang in there, it will be worth it 🙂

  6. I thought about going back, but seriously, this cut is SO BAD I really don't want to give her another chance. My hair grows pretty fast and I'm not so bothered by it. And, the beauty of grad school – no one cares what you look like so I just throw it in a bandana and am done with it. Woot.

  7. Actually just yesterday I figured out how to kind of smush it down and flatten it back so it's not so big and poofy. That helps. Lol…As for sleeping, I'm afraid this has been going on for ten years so I'm well past sleepytime tea. Sigh… I really should have gone to get help when it started in 1998 but I was too dang stubborn about medications. Now it's not just annoying, it's cemented. Sigh… I have been taking Unisom for the past three nights and it has worked great! Yay.

  8. Yeah, I know they will, but truthfully I don't want to give her the chance. It really is a truly terrible cut and it's so short that it really can't go much shorter without standing straight up on my head. Ask Kev. We've got the same hair. It grows out and up until it gets long enough that gravity can kick in and pull it down.

  9. It was my full time job! Blech.Yes, sounds like you can totally relate to my sleep issues. I've been taking Unisom too. It's great. So far three good nights' sleep. Not great, but good. I'll take that.:)

  10. I have heard CRAZY things about Ambien. Sleepwalking. Sleep-eating. Sleep-sex-ing. All kinds of really whacked out stuff. Like people lose control of themselves. I've been taking Unisom. The Pharmacist at WalMart recommended it and it's been great. Three good nights' sleep so far.

  11. Hahaha….that reminds me of where I was working before I got laid off… IT environment with production support. Long hours. No one cares what you look like. That worked out well for me. I HATE shopping for clothes and I never had time to shop anyway. Also, I knew I could get laid off any time (I was a contract worker) so I saved my money to live on in case I got laid off.

  12. Nope. Just chalked it up to a learning experience. It's been like this ever since I cut it short for the first time ten years ago. I have to shop around until I find someone who does a good job, then I stick with them. Since it has gotten colder though, I have found that wearing a hat flattens it down and makes it much more manageable. Works for me!

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