Yes, Penn State beat Ohio State. Yes, there was a “celebration”.

The first photos have started hitting the web. I'll add more as they surface, but my guess is the rioters and riot photographers are still asleep or hung over. riot

Penn State had not beat Ohio State at OSU in something like 30 years, so it really was a big deal that they won last night. Personally, I have found Penn State football to be kind of boring because they are so good this year they've been beating all their opponents by 30ish points. Yaaaawwwwnnnnn… I didn't watch yesterday, but by all reports it was a great game.

Here are some lovely photos of Penn State students ripping apart downtown State College. Some of them are kinda gross. Sorry.

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9 thoughts on “Yes, Penn State beat Ohio State. Yes, there was a “celebration”.

  1. Yeah… there's been a lot of talk about it. Apparently it was originally just a bunch of excited, happy students jumping around in the streets singing the fight song for a while – maybe as long as an hour or two. In fact, the police are quoted in the school paper as saying they were celebrating with the students, playing music from their car stereos, etc… From reports it seems that some "crazy drunk people" showed up and are the ones who incited the destruction. Sigh…

  2. Have you ever been pepper sprayed/maced? I haven't. NO desire, not even the tiniest little smidgen. Yuck.Quote from today's school paper: the local convenience store (by the riot) did "brisk business" selling milk to those who had been sprayed.

  3. Oh, MC, we should all be more like you. The world would be all shiny and bouncy and there would be little rabbits everywhere and we'd hear music all around us. Sigh… ahhhhh…

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