Interesting Celebrity News

There's a little news story on Yahoo that three celebrities' sons will all be playing together on the same high school football team next year.

Nick Montana, son of Joe Montana, Quarterback

Trey Smith, son of Will Smith, Wide Receiver

Trevor Gretzsky, son of Wayne Gretzsky, Quarterback

They all attend Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, Calif.), which is 9-0 this season and has outscored opponents by more than 40 points a game. Montana has thrown for nearly 1,600 yards and 23 touchdowns while seldom playing past halftime.The Lions, who are No. 93 in the RivalsHigh100 after starting the season unranked, have so thoroughly dominated opponents that their first-stringers usually morph into bench-warmers after the second quarter. In four games, Montana hasn't played past halftime. In the other five, he's played just a few third-quarter snaps.

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