Jack Frost Kissed My Windshield

So, I bet it's cold where you are, isn't it? Good guess seeing as how the entire country is FREEZING right now.

The other morning I went out to warm up the car, grumbling that the windshield was covered with ice AGAIN. grumble grumble… ice scraper… grumble grumble… cold out here… grumble grumble… gonna be late… 

From the outside it looked like plain old pain-in-the-butt ice, but from the inside…



angel wings

kisses from Jack Frost…

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10 thoughts on “Jack Frost Kissed My Windshield

  1. That's gorgeous! My car had trouble starting this morning but I didn't have anything as pretty as this to look at while I waited for it to warm up… I'm glad you had a camera with you.

  2. Great photos, but, based on the second picture, I think it is time for you to change your oil. Seriously, I have not seen patterns this intricate in recent memory if ever. Good thing you had your camera to share this with us. Thanks!

  3. [this is hilarious]When I read your comment I was trying to figure out how the ice patterns indicated my oil levels. Took me a full minute to figure it out. Bwah ha ha haaaaaa…

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