When are Washer/Dryer clearance sales?

I want to get a set but think they may go on clearance sometime soon. anyone know the timing? I'm thinking Lowes, or Home Depot, or Sears or somewhere like that. With my luck I'd buy a set and they would go on clearance the next week.

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4 thoughts on “When are Washer/Dryer clearance sales?

  1. In my experience, Lowe's and Home Depot generally don't clearance their sets unless they are discontinued models. But they will run special incentives such as free delivery/installation or 6 months same as cash if you charge it on their cards. Sears is more likely to reduce the sale price of their appliances.

  2. I got my set at Sears a few months ago, and yes–they're always having sales. Plus, if you keep your receipt I think you can get reimbursed the difference if your set goes on sale a week after you buy.

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