Penn State Ice Cream Celebrates Obama Inauguration

Penn State supplies 'BaRocky Road' ice cream for inaugural gala

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A decadent spoonful of Penn State's BaRocky Road ice cream is examined at the University's Berkey Creamery. BaRocky Road

From the Penn State public relations office:

University Park, Pa. — When Barack Obama made a campaign visit to Penn State during the primaries last March — which included a stop at the Dairy Research Center, where he bottle-fed a calf — it was way too premature to order ice

cream from the University's legendary creamery for his inauguration.

But it turns out he didn't need to. Taking note of Obama's interest in dairy, and following up on a tip from inside the Beltway, the University's College of Agricultural Sciences has taken care of everything, coming up with three flavors to honor the president-elect and his new administration: "BaRocky Road," "Obama White House" and "BidenBerry." They will be served at the 2009 Pennsylvania Inaugural Gala the evening of Jan. 20.

Known around the world for its fabulous ice cream, Penn State's Berkey Creamery — the largest on-campus creamery in the country — has a tradition of concocting special flavors to commemorate significant events and famous people, such as football coach Joe Paterno (Peachy Paterno). In 2000, when the National Governors Association held its summer meeting at Penn State, the creamery made "Ridge's Road" ice cream for then-Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, and ended up selling it in the creamery salesroom for a few years.

Creamery manager Tom Palchak noted that he shipped 40 tubs, or 120 gallons, of the special flavors for the inaugural ball to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

" 'BaRocky Road' is a rocky road or tin roof sundae flavor, vanilla ice cream with chunky add-ins such as peanuts, brownies, candy and chocolate swirl," he said. " 'Obama White House' is vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries, and 'BidenBerry' is vanilla ice cream with red raspberry variegate through it."

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