Meet my friend Karma…

So… Everyone in my office Twitters. They twitter for fun and they Twitter for work. They Twitter to network with other PSU peeps and they Twitter to network across the country. Lots of Twittering going on.

Being the good girl that I am, I am attempting to Twitter too. Largely unsuccessfully, I might add, but trying.

Yesterday morning as I got to work I was on the phone with the car repair shop because my car is making a lovely noise. Now, I work in a cube farm office. One giant room of cubicles. Zero privacy. So I was sitting in the hallway talking to the car place instead of at my desk.

That morning as I was dutifully trying to force myself to think of something to Tweet I notice one of my co-workers had Tweeted a very snarky, unkind, message which reads : "Woman at "private" table at end of hall discussing her car problems to shop. Note: I don't care." (silence) (pin drops)

Wow. Really quite snarky, right? I wasn't bothering her. I wasn't talking loudly outside her office. I was just in the hall so as not to broadcast my business to the whole cube farm.

Well… You can see it coming can't you? Guess what little miss snarky-pants is Tweeting about this morning?

Wait for it…

Dramatic pause…

Car trouble! HA HA HA. I feel strangely vindicated. I do not wish car trouble on anyone but her comment yesterday was like kicking a puppy. No reason for it. An unprovoked spout of bitchiness.

She did not know it was me and probably would have self-censored a bit more if she did because we get along just fine. But still…

The real irony and ultimately unbelievable funny part… Guess what her name is…her real life name… Stevie!!!!!!!! Yep. Which makes it that much more Twilight Zone eerie.

So… To real life Stevie… I say meet my friend Karma. And Karma's a bitch.

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