Dreary day in PA. Half-assed snow/ice storm. Bad enough to be annoying, not bad enough to stay home.

Yet I have somehow managed to lose TWO winter hats in one week.Grrrrr… I hope at least they are keeping someone else's head warm and not in a trashcan or gutter somewhere.

Pitched a minor hissy fit at one of my cats last night who insisted on sleeping on my feet. Poor thing. She was probably just cold, but it kept waking me up and I got a little…ummmm…cranky as a result. At least I did not send her flying in the midst of my tantrum.

Finally, looking for a lawyer to take me through foreclosure or bankruptsy. I've pretty much given up on my house. Boooooo….

School is good though. Love my classes. Getting some positive feedback which is encouraging. Submitted some stuff to national conferences which shouls result in interesting rejections next month. I'll post if they are entertaining.

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