Twitter Architect

Listening to Twitter architect Abdur talking about Twitter uses & applications. Very interesting. I've been tweeting about it… Lol… Tweeting the Twitter guy.

That's him way down front in the brown sweater holding the cup.

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8 thoughts on “Twitter Architect

  1. Cool!In the beginning of Twitter I tweeted for a while…… and then then platform got wonky*……. and then I tweeted for a while again…… and then they changed it again…… and then I stopped tweeting…..maybe I'll try it again.*It was really hard to navigate, find people, etc. And it kept doing little crashes, like it would say it was having maintenance breaks, etc.

  2. Mostly work people. My office uses it like IM to ask questions or get help with projects. But I have some friends that Tweet socially and I follow them. I limit my Tweets to professional stuff because it is so visible.What about you?

  3. Yeah. It took me a long time to get into it. I joined in September but did not really start using it until January. I agree that it's hard to navigate & find people. The interface could be improved a LOT. I think my favorite Twitter application is during big public events. I participated in the CNN/Facebook/Twitter Inauguration stream and loved it. So interesting to be part of a virtual community and real world community at the same time.

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