Paying it Forward

Because of situations I've been going through in my life recently I have felt the need to consult people who have expertise in given areas. And because of the outstanding nature of three of these interactions, I want to give them a shout-out and a little publicity.

I should mention that none of these folks know I am doing this. It is my own gratitude that is the driving force.

1) Jim Johnson – Attorney with Wharton, Aldhizer & Weaver in Harrisonburg, VA
All I can say is that when I was at my bleakest moment of despair about the real estate market, the economy, and my house not selling, I got Jim's name through a friend and he turned out to be a Godsend. Jim had a very thoughtful and balanced way of explaining my options and their potential consequences. And in the end, more so than other experts I consulted, he came up with the suggestions that I believe will turn my situation around. Jim has outstanding empathy and service towards his clients and his knowledge and expertise convey confidence. Jim gets 5 stars and slice of pizza. his bio

2) Esurance – Car Insurance
I had the sad misfortune of hitting (or more accurately, being hit by) a deer right before Christmas. The evening of December 23rd, to be exact. I called Esurance that night and they were calm and helpful from the start, helping me walk through what needed to be done in the moment to explaining how the process worked straight through the repair. Every Esurance person I talked to was friendly and helpful and my car was fixed with hardly any effort on my part within 3 weeks. Amazing service and no hassles. Esurance gets 5 stars and an ice cream cone.

3) Linda Hoover – Financial Planner
As I was looking down the barrel of leaving a safe and comfortable life, owning my own home and with a dependable salary, and returning to the somewhat itinerant and poverty-stricken life of a student, I started looking for financial planning assistance. Linda Hoover agreed to see me despite the fact that she (as like all financial planners) is usually looking primarily for long-term clients and relationships. Linda's advice ran the gamut from selling my house to saving for retirement to paying for school. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and helpful. Linda gets 5 stars and mocha latte. her bio

I believe in the power of paying it forward which is why I'm posting on Vox even though most readers are not local enough to use Jim or Linda's services.


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2 thoughts on “Paying it Forward

  1. Woohoo! It's great to know that there are still people and companies that really care about their clients and not how much money they'll get out of a deal. Thanks for sharing your positive experiences 😀

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