All you cat-lovers out there know about Doctors Foster & Smith, right?
Love… love… love!
Wish I had a million dollars… love!

Got their new cat-alog today (hee hee) and here are all the things I want to get for my babies.

1. Catspa
CatSpa activity center for cats ensures sensory heaven for all kitties. Features a variety of textures your cat can rub, massage, and groom against. From low textured platforms to removable brush inserts, this playground even hides catnip. Rim guard prevents catnip tracking and rubber feet prevent slippage. Catnip (1/2 oz. bag) included. Removable parts for easy cleaning. Measures 20" diameter, overall height 6".

2.  Peek-a-Prize
Tantalize your cat's instinct to hunt! Toys peek out, but can your cat free the prize? Stimulating and challenging, this interactive puzzle box keeps your cat mentally active. Place toys or treats inside for your cat to reach, bat, and scoop, and ferret out. Sturdy all-wood construction lasts years, and box includes two assorted toys to get the fun started. Also makes great toy storage until the game begins again.

3.  Laser Light Show
This cat toy's automatic laser chaser keeps your cat on the prowl. The laser dot, which circles, pauses, and then circles again, cannot be caught – which keeps your cat moving. The Ba-Da-Beam features a rotating laser that can be directed into one of two adjustable positions – straight ahead for wall use, or downward toward the floor.

4.  Thing in a Bag
Cats think this durable, claw-resistant bag is really alive. "Thing in a Bag" shakes randomly, bringing out your cat's stalking instinct. When activated, inner battery-operated shaker operates for 3 minutes before turning off automatically. Self-fastening bag closure. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. 5" x 2" x 9" high.

5.  Crinkle Tunnel
Crinkle tunnel mimics the paper-bag sound cats love. Do you remember the times you brought home groceries, and your cat darted into the first empty bag you unloaded? Likewise, this crinkle tunnel is just the right size for cats to roll around inside and play. Crinkle liner between the outer leopard print and neutral inner fabrics makes the tunnel crackle with every touch. It features two 6" peek holes, a hanging toy for batting fun, and a sturdy spiral frame that resists collapse.

And the two BEST BEST BEST thngs ever…

6.  Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

Floor-to-ceiling cat trees perfect for hiding, climbing, scratching, and playing. Each is a full 8 ft high with a secure base. Enticing breakaway catnip toy encourages endless play. The Mega Deluxe is a mega-sized tree made especially for big, energetic cats, or multi-cat households. Includes one sisal post, and three carpeted posts (one adjustable); fleece-covered hoop, and tall, all-fleece crow's nest for rest or play. Perches on the Mega Deluxe Tree are 19" x 19". Post diameter is 6". Base measures 21" x 21". Fleece crow's nest measures 12-1/2" x 17".

7.  Outdoor Cat Playground

Create the ultimate outdoor playground for your indoor cat. Hours of safe, outdoor activity in a spacious, airy, attractive cat enclosure that features three popular Kittywalk Systems in ONE! This system is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up and take down.Each component in this system is made of sturdy, industrial strength fishnet, woven to a metal hoop-shaped wicket. Endures rain or shine – from summer to winter – without rust, rot, or mildew. Kittywalk does not harm grass. It can easily be moved from place to place when it comes time to mowing the lawn or when a change of scenery is desired.

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5 thoughts on “WANT!

  1. WOW. I know Buddy would looove the laser and Tubbs the crinkle tunnel. I think they'd both run from the moving bag though – they don't even like wind-up mice! The cat tree would be awwwesome.

  2. Woohoooooo cool stuff!!My sweet kitty has a lot of different cat furniture thay I put together into groups, so that they make little cat jungles, something like the one here — and he LOVES them!!!!The CatSpa was terrific for the first week, and then he lost interest in it. I ended up giving it to a relative who has 6 cats. Apparetnly they like to fight over it!

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