and Things You Never Noticed in Great Works of Art

I'm "telecommuting" today which means I am working from home in between getting distracted by every "ding" and "ping" notification from my computer… Sheesh… Four hours on the job is going to turn into eight.

I subscribe to the blog because they occasionally have things that I think are funny. One of today's entries is worth re-posting here because it actually made me lol… for real. You can read the whole entry here.

So, the premise is they asked their flock of fans to use Photoshop to show some things we might not have noticed the first time we looked at some of the world's most famous pictures. Heh heh. I'm posting my favorites below, but there are 21 in total. Enjoy!

Hee hee. I think Waldo is my favorite, though Pac Man is pretty funny too. I especially appreciated the subtlety of some of them… I had to think about the astronaut one for a few seconds before I figured it out.

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