Toilets, Fish, and Foolishness

Happy July, folks!

I am alternating between being tired and cranky and neither makes for uplifting and entertaining bloggage. So I have been practicing avoidance therapy. It works!

What have I been doing lately?

Fixing toilets… check… so proud of myself!


Finding a new home for my fish tank. Here it is at my place and in process of being dismantled…


And in its new home… GORGEOUS!

And going to good bye parties and social gatherings. Some of the shenanigans…

EmbarrassedPosterSarahShae jerms

Barnes x2ClevebgersFrancoisWill

Since I was silly enough to let it slip that I did synchronized swimming in college, my colleagues honored me with a routine of their own… This was truly one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. The best part is how serious they all are.

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I’m singing in the Stain

After delay after delay after delay because of rain, the staining has FINALLY begun on my house. My little brown cabin will still be a little brown cabin, so it won't appeal to someone looking for a Cape Cod or Ranch house. But my oh my, it will look sooooooooooooooo much better.

Newly Stained Section

Cross View of Stained & Unstained Sections

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My House is Finally on the Market!

At long last, I am excited to announce my house is finally on the market. The info from the Realtor's website:

Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2

CIRCA: 1981
Acres: 0.287

Livable SqFt: 1326
SqFt Basement Fin: 494
SqFt Basement Unfin: 338
Basement: Full, Outside Entry
Garage/Carport: None

Style: Ranch
Construction: Siding-Wood
Remarks: Bright, spacious, updated home. Master suite up and down, or second family room downstairs. Storage space in basement. Updates include: carpet, vinyl, exterior stucco, landscaping, front and rear deck, french doors, light fixtures, ceiling fans, appliances, countertops, driveway, woodstove, attic insulation, roof and more. Come see for yourself!

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Th lite! I Can Seez It. Itz jus ovur ther…

These last few weeks have been exhausting. I apologize for all but disappearing from my Vox neighborhood. I have read through postings but I just haven't had the energy to post comments or write my own stuff.

I honestly feel like I have been sprinting a marathon. The list I have to fix up the house just keeps getting longer. It's funny how that works. Just when I get most things crossed off I start noticing a whole bunch of other things to do.

The other problem is every time I start typing one of my cats comes over for attention. It's been rough on them too, all the people in and out, all the chaos… So of course I want to give them some attention and comfort.

Well, I am happy to say that I met with my Realtor on Thursday and did all the paperwork and my house officially goes on the market on Monday!


He was very pleased with how it looks and thinks it's going to be a competitive seller. One similar house in my area sold within a month recently. Egads! There are others that have been on the market a bit longer, but most are selling within 4-6 months.

The advantage I have is how fabulous it looks cosmetically. All the improvements are really going to set it apart. Some of the other house that are priced comparably with similar square footage are PITS! It looks like the owners had not done anything for years. Dirty, old, ragged…

The disadvantage is that my house is a two-bedroom, two-bath so it won't appeal to families with several kids. There is a 400 sq foot unfinished part of the basement that could be made into another room if the new owners wanted, but then they'd lose the storage space.

So, I'll post the info from the web next week once it's online. I am thrilled at how everything is working out. Excited to start the new chapter in my life and live in a new place, but I will miss this cozy little house. It's got a lot of my heart.

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Outside of house painted… Check!

Of all the five million billion projects I'm doing to get my house ready to sell, I think the one with the biggest cosmetic bang is painting the outside of my house.

I live in a cabin, dark brown siding on top and stucco on the bottom. When I moved in the stucco was not looking great. See… Peeling right off so you could see the cinder blocks under the stucco. Not good.

So I patched all the crumbling spots with cement. The dark grey spots are the patches. Oh boy, don't you want to buy THIS house. It's beautious.

Better Homes and Gardens, here I come! A shoe-in for "Home of the Year" if I do say so myself.

But I worked up the courage and strength and tackled the outside with the stucco cocktail called Drylock. It is used for waterproofing walls as well as repairing broken parts, cracks, etc. Let me tell you… That Friggin stuff weighs 500 pounds a scoop. It's so heavy you can't apply it with a paint brush or a roller, you have to use an industrial strength wish broom or trowel. True. I did two walls last weekend and thought my arm was going to fall right off my body. Ouch. Finished the third wall on Saturday. Though it was HARD, I am pleased with the results. It's not a professional job, but I think it's pretty good and 150 times better than it was.

Ta Daaaaaaaa…

Even did the back wall even though it didn't really need it…

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Here are some shots of my new kitchen and bathroom floors.

The old kitchen floor still looked pretty good. The reason I switched it is that I got a new counter top about two years ago called something like mocha chocolatte or something like that. I love it. It's got lots of brown and black and cream tones. My kitchen floor, unfortunately, was a gray slate color. Not so much matching. Not so much blending cohesively. Lots of weird double takes. So, I picked out a new beige stone type floor and I think it looks fabulous. It really brightens up the room. The only draw back is that it shows dirt so much more than the old floor. Eek!

The lighting is weird in all these photos. Some seem too yellow, some seem too white. So I posted both because the truth is somewhere in between.


Now, I soooooooo wish I had taken a before picture of the bathroom floor but I plum forgot. It was a mess. It had paint and caulk smeared all over it. The area behind the toilet was the worst part. It looked like a caulk gun exploded. There were huge globs of solid caulk all around the floor behind the toilet. Whoever did that should be shot. It was really horrible. Alas, no before's, but here's the after. It's amazing what a difference something as simple as a floor can make. Again, weird yellow/white light issues. It's somewhere in between.

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