I think I have a way to talk to my Vox friends, keep things updated, and not lose my mind in the process.

I just found an application that *should* send my Facebook status updates to Vox. Woot! I am a very active Facebook user. I keep in touch with friends from back home as well as my classmates at Penn State. Now that won't help my Facebook friends who also read my blog, but it will help Vox-only friends.

Fingers crossed…

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My life feels a little boring right now. Not too much new and exciting going on. Everything's kind of in a good and stable place. So nothing for me to get all riled up about either positively or negatively and therefore not so much to write about. But I do feel a bit obligated to keep this blog going if nothing else as a way to keep friends and family in the loop. So this post will be completely random and stream of consciousness. Enjoy!

1) Election.
Oh my. What an amazing time to be in America. I have been moved emotionally over and over the past week. The crazy anticipation leading up to Tuesday, the cathartic backwash after. It's funny, I'll be walking down the street and see a newspaper with a photo of Obama on the front and the realization of what we accomplished will wash over me again and I'll start crying. I scared one of my classmates on Wednesday because I was crying before class and I couldn't stop. She was not convinced that it was "good crying" not "bad crying" and was quite worried about me. Ha ha. So proud and happy to be a part of this history. Now, onwards and upwards. Let's get things rolling to get the country back on track.

2) Exercise.
Ummm, what's that? Ha ha. It occurred to me at some point last week that I don't think I ran or walked the whole month of October. October was a bad month. Very busy, very stressful. Very full of chocolate and frozen pizzas. Yum. I un-did some of the weight loss momentum I had accomplished prior to October but I didn't COMPLETELY un-do it. I am, thankfully, still in my big-but-not-too-big jeans. I figure as long as they still fit I can still get the ship turned around. So, I'm back to walking and running again. The weather here has been so nice it's been a pleasure. Very good for my soul.

3) School stuff.
Everything's going ok. I'm in a nice lull right now which is fabulous and much needed. Got a lit review due in two weeks which is frustrating me because there doesn't appear to be any literature on the topic I am reviewing. Hmmmm… But that's also good because I think it will shape up into my research stream, and if not much has been written, maybe I'll be more likely to get published. Fingers crossed.

4) Zach & Miri Make a Porno.
Saw it last night. It's, well, exactly as the title implies. It's not for the faint of heart or the sexually squeamish. But it's really funny if you can handle the subject matter.

5) Cleaned my House.
All by myself. Yes, I did. That's a big deal, actually, because I hate hate hate cleaning and have found a way to hire house cleaners for years. Even though I can't really afford it, I'd rather go without eating out twice a month to pay for a housekeeper once a month. Got my priorities straight. Ha ha. But, I cleaned my house myself! Yay! Floors, bathroom, kitchen, dusting. Did EIGHT loads of laundry. Eight. Crappity crap crap. But I washed all the blankets, comforters, bathroom mats, etc. Yay for clean.

6) Poor-dom.
Yes, I'm in it. It is finally sinking in that I AM a poor grad student. When I got here I was still living a similar lifestyle as before when I had a salary. But that has changed now because I've burned through the money I saved before I moved and my house STILL has not sold in Virginia. Getting really nervous about that. As a result, I am trying to live very very sparcely and only spend money when I have to. Sigh. I call it zero-spending and I really works for me. Helps me stay in the mindset of need versus want.

7) Leaf Raking.
Lots of pretty yellow leaves waiting for me on the front lawn. Yuck. I'm trying to convince myself that it will either (a) be lots of fun to rake them or (b) be good exercise. Neither is working so far. But State College has a great system where we rake them to the curb and they come through and suck them all up. I think they use them as compost which is a good thing.

Ok. That's enough for now. My cat is walking on the keyboard and demanding attention, so I will sign off. Adieu!

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Life Update

I survived my first PhD Hell Week… Yaaaaayyyyyyy! It was exhausting but I feel pretty good about everything overall. I feel a bit more stable in classes now. I have enough of the lingo down that it doesn't sound as much like a foreign language anymore, which is a relief. Lots of BIG projects looming in the near future, I'm trying to keep on top of everything so I can (1) sleep and (2) not panic. Both very important.

However, this will be me this time next week as I am facing the research methods mid-term next Wednesday. Eeeeeeekkkkkkkk! Very scared of that one.

I also registered to vote in PA on Friday. Whatever else was on my to-do list, that was the most important. Got in right under the wire, Monday is the last day.

Went to a friend's for a movie night – Iron Man – Robert Downey, Jr. Yummmmm… The problem with movie nights with nocturnal friends is they don't want to start watching until my bedtime. Crappers. Feel kind of crappy today as a result.

Oh, I think we need a little more RDJ… All nice and yummy and intense…

What the heck… one more… I like the silly RDJ too…

Still running kinda regularly. Proud of myself for that. Less jiggly now, I think. I'm getting into my medium-sized clothes again. I have not tried on my fat jeans in a while because I want to absolutely SWIM in them so I can pop with pride. Want to get down into my skinny sizes so I can wear all the fabulous clothes I bought a couple years ago. I think it will happen if I stick with running, it gets me fit like nothing else. One of my classmates and I are going to keep each other motivated through winter by going to the gym together. Yay for friends.

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Oh, sigh…

Now that my grad school search is over, which I have been stressing and fretting and worrying and obsessing about for 11 months what the heck am I going to talk about?


Perhaps my cats? They have been sadly un-bragged about recently. Here they are, my two lovelies…

Still no luck on selling my house. Lots of people are telling me I should hold onto it, hire a property manager, and rent it out. Anyone have thoughts/opinions on that? It scares the poop out of me financially. All those "what if's"…

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