Jack Frost Kissed My Windshield

So, I bet it's cold where you are, isn't it? Good guess seeing as how the entire country is FREEZING right now.

The other morning I went out to warm up the car, grumbling that the windshield was covered with ice AGAIN. grumble grumble… ice scraper… grumble grumble… cold out here… grumble grumble… gonna be late… 

From the outside it looked like plain old pain-in-the-butt ice, but from the inside…



angel wings

kisses from Jack Frost…

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We got about 6-7 inches of snow the other day… FINALLY!

It's beautiful. I love seeing all the little animal footprints in the snow, really shows how many critters share my yard.

HumanDeer printsX marks the spot under the bird feederSnowball tracksDont eat the yellow snow

What I'm hoping NOT to see again are the big old bear prints I saw this time last year when he came through and tore down all my bird feeders. My friends Adam & Christine who live about a mile away had a bear on their back porch two weeks ago. Don't they know they are supposed to be sleeping? It's cold! Go back to your nap!

Here's a wreath on my deck that I took a picture of on Sunday when we got a dusting of snow and then on Thursday when we got 6-7 inches.

Yes, my Christmas decorations are still up.

No I'm not taking them down yet.

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