Welp, for better or worse, I re-activated my e-harmony account. This should be interesting. I'm sure I'll have fun stories to share soon.

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8 thoughts on “E-Me

  1. So…how are you going to handle graduate school and a boyfriend with some romance? I bet this would be some very interesting stories to read. I love all the rejects notices that you get from e-harmony. Good Luck…personally, I think from just reading your blogs that you have a great sense of humor and would be a good catch for some guy. Life would be interesting.

  2. Yes, that is a good question. I quit dating about a year ago and this is hopefully going to get me back into the action a bit. I'm leaving in 6 months, though, so I doubt anything serious will happen. I just need a little momentum to jump start my lovelife. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it. I'll come back here and read it after I get rejected to boost my confidence back up again.:)

  3. I will! I joined for a few months about a year ago and met some really great and some really "interesting" people. Oh my yes, I sure do expect to have some good stories. And I will share!

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