Interesting Celebrity News

There's a little news story on Yahoo that three celebrities' sons will all be playing together on the same high school football team next year.

Nick Montana, son of Joe Montana, Quarterback

Trey Smith, son of Will Smith, Wide Receiver

Trevor Gretzsky, son of Wayne Gretzsky, Quarterback

They all attend Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, Calif.), which is 9-0 this season and has outscored opponents by more than 40 points a game. Montana has thrown for nearly 1,600 yards and 23 touchdowns while seldom playing past halftime.The Lions, who are No. 93 in the RivalsHigh100 after starting the season unranked, have so thoroughly dominated opponents that their first-stringers usually morph into bench-warmers after the second quarter. In four games, Montana hasn't played past halftime. In the other five, he's played just a few third-quarter snaps.

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Riot Follow Up

Some of you will be happy to know that the Penn State / State College powers that be did not just sign off on the shenanigans carte blanche. Got a newsfeed today that 14 people have been arrested and charged and they are trying to identify several others. The range of charges filed includes criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, arson, failure to disperse, resisting arrest and rioting, which is a felony.

Interestingly – the police department is using photos/videos posted online to track down specific individuals. If you need a little entertainment today, check out the website set up for anonymous identification. Sucks to be those people…

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Apparently there’s Big Time Football and there’s BIG Time Football

Penn State assumes undeserved role as contender

Penn State assumes undeserved role as contender

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Back and forth they went.

Ohio State pushed. Penn State pulled. And so it went, for more than three grueling hours.

Penn State's fortunes turned when Penn State's Mark Rubin knocked the ball away from Terrelle Pryor.

This was a roll-up-your sleeves, black-and-blue classic. It ended Penn State 13, Ohio State 6. It was Big Ten football, with plenty of old-fashioned blocking and tackling.

More important, it kept Penn State steaming toward an unbeaten season … and a date in the BCS title game.

And that's unfortunate.

It's foolish to think a Big Ten team has any business on college football's biggest stage. But the No. 3 Nittany Lions now are poised to play for the championship in Miami. After being off next week, they travel to Iowa, then play host to Indiana and Michigan State. A 12-0 regular-season record is well within reach.

Sure, Penn State's run to 9-0 looks good. The offense has been spectacular, showing balance and explosiveness. The defense is fast, aggressive and opportunistic. And these Lions are resourceful, winning Saturday despite starting quarterback Daryll Clark leaving early in the fourth quarter after getting knocked loopy.

Backup quarterback Pat Devlin engineered the game's only touchdown with 6:25 remaining, barreling through a pile of players on a 1-yard scoring plunge. What else would you expect in a game such as this?

Penn State's defense did its part, limiting the Buckeyes to 287 yards, including just 61 on the ground. And Penn State generated two turnovers, including a fourth-quarter fumble by Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor that the Lions subsequently turned into the touchdown.

Penn State was outgained, 287-281, but it didn't commit a turnover and ran better than Ohio State. And that was the difference. The Nittany Lions churned out 160 yards on the ground and limited the Buckeyes – who lost a fumble and threw an interception – to 61.
Penn State RB Evan Royster led all rushers with 77 yards on 19 carries, giving the Nittany Lions room to open an aerial attack that generated 121 yards on 12-of-20 passing.
Ohio State had the ball and a 6-3 lead early in the fourth quarter when QB Terrelle Pryor was hit by SS Mark Rubin and fumbled. LB Navorro Bowman recovered at Ohio State's 38. Penn State proceeded to march in for the only touchdown of the game on QB Pat Devlin's 1-yard TD plunge for a 10-6 lead it wouldn't relinquish.
Penn State QB Daryll Clark got his bell rung early in the fourth quarter and didn't return to the game. That's why Devlin was in on the game-turning drive.
This was Penn State's first win in Columbus since 1978. The Nittany Lions had been 0-7 at Ohio State as a member of the Big Ten. … Pryor passed for a career-high 226 yards, going 16-of-25 with a pick. … This was the first time this season Penn State was held to fewer than 20 points. … Ohio State has scored nine total points in its two losses. … This is the 10th time Penn State has started 9-0 under Joe Paterno. .. Penn State is off next week, then plays its last road game of the season Nov. 8 against Iowa.

And then there's Joe Paterno. The coaching legend now weaves his magic from the press box. Maybe he's on to something. Could this unexpected run set up an unbelievable ending for Paterno – the 81-year-old winning his third national championship, then retiring? It would be a fitting bow around a career that has been more embattled than euphoric this decade.

But this team – and this conference – doesn't deserve another chance at college football's biggest prize. Besides, Paterno is used to fashioning an unbeaten team, then getting left out of the championship party. That has happened four times: 1968, 1969, 1973 and 1994.

So, please, don't give us Penn State on Jan. 8, 2009, in Dolphin Stadium. Give us life, give us liberty, give us hope for a good game. That means give us Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia or USC. Heck, we'll even take Texas Tech and its diabolical offense and kooky coach. They all have been more impressive than – and likely would beat – any Big Ten team.

Even a perfect Penn State.

We pray that America won't have to watch another Big Ten belly-flop in the BCS title game. The Buckeyes have perfected that dive the past two seasons.

Look at the hideous history. First, there was Florida 41, Ohio State 14. Next, there was LSU 38, Ohio State 24. There is no need for a trilogy. If you've seen one slasher flick, you've seen them all.

Need more evidence that the Big Ten doesn't belong? Have you watched this season? The Big Ten's best non-conference win was Wisconsin's 13-10 triumph over Fresno State. The league had one chance to show the world it was big time – and Ohio State was utterly annihilated by USC 35-3.

Michigan is a mess. Wisconsin is weak. Iowa and Illinois are iffy. Michigan State is mediocre. Northwestern? Minnesota? Please.

Now, because the Big Ten has returned to its own sand box – and it's a small one – we are supposed to believe the school that built the biggest sand castle in the Midwest deserves access to college football's VIP room?

Ohio State has proven that's not the case.

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Yes, Penn State beat Ohio State. Yes, there was a “celebration”.

The first photos have started hitting the web. I'll add more as they surface, but my guess is the rioters and riot photographers are still asleep or hung over. riot

Penn State had not beat Ohio State at OSU in something like 30 years, so it really was a big deal that they won last night. Personally, I have found Penn State football to be kind of boring because they are so good this year they've been beating all their opponents by 30ish points. Yaaaawwwwnnnnn… I didn't watch yesterday, but by all reports it was a great game.

Here are some lovely photos of Penn State students ripping apart downtown State College. Some of them are kinda gross. Sorry.

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We’re out of the playoffs. Again.



JMU played App State today in the first round of the Division 1 AA playoffs. We beat ASU the whole friggin game – we were setting the pace, we scored first then kept one-upping them, We ran their defense ragged. Yet we still lost. Why? Because of a last second fumble on our ONE YARD LINE. The one yard line. Can you believe it? I'm heart sick and sick to my stomach. I really thought we had it. We should have.

What made it even more exciting and gut wrenching is that we were really not exprected to show. We were definite underdogs going in. App State beat Michigan. They are the dragon-slayers. But we outplayed them in every part of the game and we were WINNING 90% of the game. We were on the one yard line, just needing a field goal to win the whole thing and… a fumble.

I have to say I feel really bad for Sullivan, the freshman player who dropped the ball. He was only playing because of injuries and he was doing AWESOME in the 2nd half – making huge plays right when we needed them. The game of his life and as a freshman we still have him for three more years. But he will take a lot of heat and his name will be remembered as much if not more for that fumble than for the other 29 minutes in the half. Poor guy. He played so well though that he will be a force the next three years.

Our QB, Rodney Landers, is amazing.
We have some phenomenal players – LC Baker, Eugene Holloman, Tony Lazotte, Dave Stannard, Baranowsky, Apted, Haywood, Lemn, Scotty McGee, Bolton… Great players. Great team. Great season.

I still love my Dukes, but I am very depressed right now.

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